• Q: I’m interested in racehorses – how much would one cost me?

    A: If you wanted to buy a yearling or a racehorse as a sole owner it could cost as little as £8,000-10,000. But prices range from this figure up to £1m. Sylvester's recommendation however, is to achieve the best value for money, so spend between £20,000 and £80,000 on a racehorse. If those prices are out of your budget then it is possible to enter into a partnership or syndicate which divides the costs of racehorses by two, three, four, or more!
  • Q: Are training costs liable for VAT?

    A: Purchase and training costs are subject to VAT, however, where racehorses are sponsored you will be able to claim the VAT back on both purchase price and training costs.
  • Q: Where can I go to buy racehorses?

    A: There are a number of public auction sales all year round in England or abroad. However Sylvester has many contacts in both England and Ireland so he can also buy racehorses privately to suit your needs. Contact Us to discuss what you’re looking for and we will provide assistance with your purchase.
  • Q: Is buying racehorses a good investment?

    A: The purchase of a racehorse cannot be considered an investment, you should not be reliant on regaining any of the money you spend on it. Owning a racehorse is fun and a brilliant way to meet new people who share your passion.
  • Q:Once I have bought a racehorse do I have to appoint Sylvester as the trainer?

    A: No, but if you ask him to purchase the horse for you it is expected that you will engage him at least for the 1st year.
  • Q: Is it possible to run racehorses abroad?

    A: Running racehorses in abroad is certainly possible, although we prefer to get to know the horse before deciding where to run it.
  • Q: Can I call Sylvester to ask for racing tips?

    A: He is not a tipster and what he can tell you will be about your own horse and its chances.
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